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Genesis van Os


In 2015 I had a burnout. This turned out to be the greatest gift I could ever get. I got to know myself on a whole other level and realized I was not living my life.

My biggest challenge was to find myself again. I no longer knew who I was and what I stood for.

It took me a year to figure out who I was and what led me to this burnout.
During that year I had many setbacks, but the biggest setback I had to overcome was facing my biggest fear. I was afraid of being all by myself and forgotten by everyone.
I did not love myself and I was looking for others who could fulfil this feeling. This realization changed my life.

During my recovery, I learned how to stand up for myself, where my boundaries were, and how I could protect them. And after that, I was able to work on who I wanted to be – I discovered what made me happy.

What makes me happy?

For me, being happy every day is being able to spread the happiness I feel, so that others may also feel happy. That is also the reason why I started coaching.

I know what it is like to be in a burnout and feel completely exhausted, but on the other hand, I also know what it is like to get back on track and feel energized.

And that is what I want for you too! I wish you all the happiness and energy that the world can give you.

I’d love you to have a world full of energy, hope, love, and freedom because I know that when you are in a burnout, this feeling of freedom is completely gone. The connection between your body, mind, and soul is also gone and you no longer know what caused this burnout.

And that is what I would like to help you with.

I want to turn you into the best version of yourself. And if you allow it, we’ll start this journey together, so that you feel safe and supported.

I will help you to overcome your burnout, so that you can live a life full of energy, happiness, and freedom again. My motto: “You heal yourself” together with the love and strength of others. I believe healing is always possible. Do you?

‘You will grow like a phoenix rising from the ashes, leaving the dust behind and entering a brand-new life full of happiness’

Why should you choose me?

I am an expert in the field of burnout and anxiety disorder. As a result, I know exactly what you are going through and I also know which the pitfalls are. That means that I can support you in every possible way.

I am also an applied psychologist, which means that my knowledge as a coach is vast.

I am a certified coach.

I have been studying how thoughts can influence our lives for over 5 years through the Laws of Attraction.

With all my experience and knowledge, I will let you walk along a unique path to overcome your burnout. That will allow the best of you to emerge.

I am committed to helping you. Are you ready to give yourself the chance to make a big change in your life and become the Phoenix you want?

We can talk through your doubts and see how we can turn them into a definite ‘YES’. So, book your Free Discovery Call now.