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Have you noticed a burnout with one of your patients?

Are there more people that come to your practice complaining about having signs of burnout? Have you also noticed that since COVID19 has entered our country, people are increasingly troubled by overload in both work and private life?

I can help these people!


The numbers of people with signs of burnout have increased significantly in recent months, as reported by the news. This appears to be mainly due to the many restrictions, the persistent uncertainty, and the changing of daily routines. Altogether, it makes people more and more tired. The long-term insecurity is a major culprit, as is the fear of job loss and the resurgence of the virus. The corona crisis has caused mental attrition.


Recent numbers from a study into the effects of the “intelligent lockdown” on people show that the measures following COVID19 have caused an average of 40% more stress for new homeworkers.

Signs of Burn-out

During stress, the brain and body use much more energy than usual. So when it says homeworkers feel more stressed out, it’s imaginable that they will feel exhausted at the end of the day. Especially when boundaries tend to fade between work and private when working at home. It makes it harder to separate these two. This also affects a good night’s sleep. Stress in combination with sitting in front of a computer all day ensures that a patient has less sleep. This often results in the patient getting up tired and unable to start the day properly.

Not having enough sleep causes many concentration problems, which leads to even more stress.

This problem needs to be taken seriously, as a lack of concentration is one of the most common signs of burnout just as: feeling depressed, exhausted, having panic attacks, dizziness, listlessness, and insomnia.

Burnout coaching program.

A patient’s life is turned upside down and they are at their wit’s end when they come to your practice.

Because of the above, II feel obligated to do something.
I have a 3-month program, which is guaranteed to make the patient feel completely different, like a new person. The program is intended for everyone who due to burnout has ended up home due to burnout.

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