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Have you noticed burnout among your employees?

Are you dealing with frequent or long-term absenteeism with your team members, or do your collaborators have difficulty in dealing with changing circumstances at home or at work, which may have led to burnout?

Losing a good employee is a nightmare for any employer. You have to look for a replacement, the continuity of the work is jeopardized, other team members are burdened with extra work, and it is questionable what kind of employee you will get in return once they can start working again. And not to forget that, as an employer, you also have to deal with high absenteeism costs.


Especially in the Corona crisis employees are concerned about their jobs, their income, besides how their future is going to look like.
It makes me wonder:
“How does this affect the employees’ mental health?”
The recent numbers of a study that looked into the consequences of the “intelligent lockdown” on employees show that the measures following COVID19 have caused an average of 40% more stress for people working from home!

Of course, this stress also increases the risk of having to call in sick, because people who work from home feel and see the thin line between their work life and their private life fade. Often the children and partner are at home, so things quickly get mixed up.

Young workers are also vulnerable. According to the survey, almost 70% of them experience stress and dissatisfaction, now that they have to work from home. They often live by themselves. They don’t have the structure and communication that comes with having a family, which often makes them feel lonely.

Burnout signs

Loneliness is an important risk factor for stress and psychological problems. A third of the young people who work at home experience concentration problems. This is twice as much as under normal circumstances. This is shocking, as one of the most common characteristics of burnout is the lack of concentration. Just like depressed feelings, exhaustion, panic attacks, dizziness, listlessness, and insomnia.

Burnout coaching for your employees

Especially now it is important to give your employees the extra attention and support so that they have the opportunity to express their stress and emotions in a healthy way.
Because of the above, I feel that it is my obligation to stand up. I have a unique program to help you as an employer to solve or even prevent problems like burnout.

I have developed a burn-out coaching program especially for your employees, in which we discuss what your employee needs to be able to work again full of energy and strength I have developed a burn-out coaching program especially for your employees, which we discuss what your employee needs to be able to work full of energy and strength again The program is intended for everyone who has ended up at home as a result of a burnout.

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