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Have you noticed signs of burnout with your healthcare staff?

Do you have to deal with frequent or long-term absenteeism from team members? Does your staff have trouble dealing with the changing circumstances because of COVID19?

Do they experience so much stress that they end up burned out?

Dropping out of losing an employee is a nightmare for any employer. You have to look for a replacement, the continuity of work is jeopardized, colleagues are burdened with extra chores and the question is whether you will get back what you lost. And of course, you also have to deal with high absenteeism costs.

Corona burnout

Certainly, this Corona crisis has shown that the workload of the employees in the hospital has increased. The vast majority say they are heavily burdened and feel exhausted.
Numbers from various researches show that healthcare workers stop working completely because they are concerned about how much higher the workload has become. This is because people are aware of the staff shortage in many hospitals. In addition, work in hospitals is often experienced as traumatic, due to the high percentage of deaths and unsafe work situations as a result of COVID19. They feel insufficiently protected by the resulting shortage of personal protective equipment, such as mouth masks. This has a profound impact on healthcare workers. Naturally, this stress-related circumstances also increases the risk of dropout from work.

Healthcare workers with burnout.

But even without corona, the workload has been already sky-high. There is often no room to be trained due to the large staff shortage. They are immediately thrown in the deep and often work twice as many hours as agreed. Healthcare workers have too much work to do and no one is excluded. It is therefore not possible to call in sick, because the piles of work they leave behind will then become even worse. As a result, the stress only seems to increase even more.

Signs of burnout

Constant exposure to stress prevents your healthcare staff from concentrating properly. When they come home, there is no energy left to do anything else but sleep. This will only increase the chance of having anxiety attacks. They often sit at home with headaches and emotions running high.
Especially now, it is important to give your healthcare staff extra attention and support, allowing them to have the opportunity to express their stress and emotions healthily.

Burnout coaching program.

Because of the above mentioned, I feel obligated to do something. Therefore, I made a unique program to help those who are struggling with burnout to prevent them from having another burnout.
The program is intended for everyone who due to burnout ended up at home.

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