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Preventive burnout.

Burnout preventive training.

Prevent burnout among your employees.

Your employees must be healthy to ensure that your organization runs smoothly. Physical, mental and vital employees can perform better and deal with stressful situations more easily. Nowadays stress is inevitable and every employee in your organization will have to deal with it to some degree, therefore it is important that they know how to deal with stress.

Burnout among your employees

An unhealthy work environment contributes to the loss of passion and energy of your employees. They become mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, which brings serious consequences for your employees and for you.
In addition, an unhealthy work environment can lead to an increase in absenteeism due to illness, which means that you, as an employer, also have to deal with high absenteeism costs.

Online burnout prevention training

As an employer, you can also do something to prevent this. I have developed an online training program, especially for you and your employees. This online burnout prevention training is designed to ensure that your employees remain physically and mentally healthy, also during the corona crisis. This is done by providing your employees with knowledge and tools so that they can continue working full of energy and balance.

The online burnout prevention training consists of an extensive burnout test, 5 modules where we go in-depth on how to handle stressful situations, allowing your employees to remain vital and enjoy working, so that your organization remains healthy.

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