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When you are in burnout you feel completely exhausted in all areas: physical, emotional, and psychological. Having a burnout has major consequences for your work and your private life.

What is burnout?

The literal translation of burnout is “Burned out”. This translation is applicable when you consider the way people feel when they are in a burnout. Burnout is caused by a prolonged period of stress and (over) tension. The signs of burnout can occur in all areas of life. So both at work and in private.
These signs can be divided into 4 categories. Mental level, physical level, behavioral level, and the emotional level.

I have a burnout.

Because having a burnout takes away all your energy. You don’t feel like looking for the right solution for a long time. That’s why I’ve already done this for you.

Through my own experience with burnout and my knowledge as an Applied Psychologist, I have developed “The Phoenix Program”. This burnout coaching program is the solution if you want to get rid of your burnout for good.

The solution: burnout coaching program

‘The Phoenix Program’ is a tailor-made 1: 1 burnout coaching program of 3 months in which we get started with Getting The Trinity – body, mind, and soul back in alignment, so that you can fully recover from your burnout.
Healthcare providers

Burnout coaching for healthcare workers.


Burnout coaching for entrepreneurs.


Burnout coaching for the police.


Burnout coaching for teachers.

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