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How great is it to have your own company? You have all the freedom in the world. You don’t have a boss for whom you have to do everything. You make some good money and it seems like the world is at your feet.

Burnout among entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you often overflow with new ideas and see new opportunities in every corner. Creativity is a blessing, but sometimes it can also be a real pitfall when you cannot deal with it. You lose the overview and start to panic as a result.

You have a great responsibility to keep your own company running. You carry this responsibility with you everywhere. You also notice that you are constantly putting out fires among your employees or customers. You keep thinking about work when you’re at home. You often worry about how you get money in and how you can pay your bills.
In addition, you would like to grow as a company, but you notice that this is not possible because too much is going on within your company.

Burnouts among entrepreneurs

During corona, everything seems to become too much for you as an entrepreneur. You are concerned about your staff.

Especially in these uncertain times, now that COVID19 has hit our country. You do not know how to make ends meet now that there is much less work, you no longer enjoy your work, because, at the moment, there is no prospect of the future. You have to let some of your staff go and you no longer know what to do to get your motivation back.

Signs of burnout

When you come home, you feel guilty, and you gradually no longer feel like yourself. All the energy you have put into your company seems lost and you don’t know how to start over. At night, you wake up drenched in sweat and worry about how to pay the bills. Your body has been feeling cramped for weeks and you experience hyperventilation.

Burnout coaching program “The Phoenix Program”

It is time for you to become yourself again and get new energy to revive your company. This is the moment where I come in.

With my burnout coaching program, I can help you to get back to life full of energy and courage. I help you to stop worrying and to reactivate your entrepreneurial mindset, so that you can kick-start your business again. With my burnout coaching program, I ensure that you will overcome your burnout and stand strong to face whatever future brings you.

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