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Health Caregivers

Burnout in healthcare

Working in healthcare is the best job that exists, right?!
Being there for someone else and being able to make someone feel better.
It couldn’t be more beautiful or could it?
Many people who work in healthcare experience a high workload. You often work in a team, where many colleagues drop out, the number of patients/clients you have to support or take care of is increasing. You notice that you have to overstep your boundaries to keep up with everything. You are tired, increasingly irritated and you notice that you have less and less concentration, and therefore you make a lot of mistakes.

Burnout among healthcare workers

But what do you do when you find yourself burned out?
Your work is piling up. Your colleagues keep dropping out. You don’t want to get sick because you know that your remaining colleagues will be even busier when you do.
In the meantime, the workload gets higher and higher. You find yourself answering work calls at home, working overtime has become normal and you can’t remember the last time you said “No” to something.

Burnout during Corona

The situations aforementioned are increasingly common in the healthcare. Especially now that COVID19 has hit our country hard. Hospitals are more crowded than the usual. People with mental illnesses are increasing and care homes are locked, which means that even more is being asked of you as healthcare workers. It is therefore not surprising that it all becomes too much for you!

Signs of Burnout

When you end up at home with a burnout, you no longer feel like yourself. You feel completely exhausted and you just want to cry.
It is time for you to stop taking care of someone else for a while and start taking care of yourself, because as a healthcare worker, you tend to ignore yourself and your needs. You must put your needs above others.

Burnout coaching program “The Phoenix Program”

I can help you put your needs first, set boundaries, and gain energy. That is why I have developed a special burnout coaching program for you as a health care worker that helps you tackle your burnout.

With my burnout coaching program “The Phoenix Program”, I will help you to recover completely and prevent another burnout.

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