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Police officers

Police officer burnouts

Working for the police

There is a reason why you started working as a police officer.
You want to be there for your fellow citizens. You have a wonderful profession where you add something to society and you make the streets feel safer. It is the best job in the world!

Police officers with burnout

Working for the police requires a lot of responsibility. You work hard. You often work long shifts with extra shifts being no exception. The workload has only increased considerably in recent years. You come across many violent situations that sometimes need more time to recover from than there is room for. In addition, you are used to help others and tend to forget yourself.

Burnout signs

You ignore your signals. You don’t want to give up because you know that your colleagues and the citizens need you. You have an enormous sense of responsibility. The workload is increasing because there is a large staff shortage, and therefore you can’t do the work you’re supposed to do.

You notice that your body is exhausted. You have more and more back problems, you sleep badly, suffer from headaches, you can no longer concentrate properly and you have an increasingly short temper. You now also notice that you are experiencing palpitations and panic attacks. It has become too much for you.

Burn-out coaching program “The Phoenix Program”

Now that you are at home, you feel useless. You would like to be there for your fellow citizens and your colleagues, but instead, you are at home because you ignored all the signs. You feel guilty and ashamed to be at home. There is no energy left to do anything other than sleep. Everything is too much, and you suffer from hyperventilation and panic attacks doing the smallest chores.
This is the moment where I come as a burnout coach. With the coaching program that I have developed, I can help you overcome your burnout, so that you can be there for your fellow citizens, who need you so badly.

With the program you will get to know your own limits. You will learn to deal with stress. I will help you to get rid of your panic attacks and help you regain your energy.

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