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Burnout coaching for teachers.

Working in education.

You have become a teacher because you want to contribute to the development of children and thereby contribute to society as a whole. Without education, society could hardly develop. You see the school as one of the most important foundations for the growth of a child and you want to contribute. It is therefore the best profession ever!

Burnout among teachers.

Burnout among teachers is increasing. According to Statistics in the Netherlands, 1 in 5 teachers at school have suffered from burnout. This is partly due to the high workload at schools. It is not only teaching, but also all the administrative tasks that come with it that make the teaching experience difficult.
In addition, a lot is expected of you as a teacher. You are constantly in the spotlight and you are expected to get the best out of your students/pupils. You want to be of service to your students/pupils, which makes saying “no” difficult. Also, you can’t really enjoy your work due to all the administrative tasks and you often work overtime. You are busy preparing the next class, correcting exam/tests, the well-known 10-minute chats, the parent meetings, team meetings, study days, evening meetings, etc.

Signs of Burnout

It feels like your head is about to explode and you make a lot of mistakes at work. You keep praying it goes away on its own, but you feel it doesn’t. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks, and you feel more irritated each week.

You also notice that you feel less inclined to teach, which also has an impact on the class. You feel less and less self-confident when you are in front of the class and if you could, you would run away from the classroom.

Burnout coaching program “The Phoenix Program”

Now you are at home and feel completely worthless. You can no longer think properly and you have become ill. Everything is too much. You keep worrying about all the things you need to do for work . You cry over nothing and you can’t get to sleep at night. You feel completely exhausted and you no longer know how to get the right energy.

To help you clear your mind, set boundaries, get your emotions under control and regain energy, I have developed a burnout coaching program that can help you overcome your burnout.

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