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What People Say

Melissa van Laar

The past 3 months I followed the phoenix program together with Genesis van Os. We set 3 main goals to work on. What an adventure this was. Getting up every time I had a setback made me so much stronger and gave me new insights!I got to know myself better and certainly grew fast in a short time! Genesis was always there when I needed someone to listen, advise, and she gave me lots of insights!

Seeing the positive when I saw the negative, the insights that really changed my mindset positively in life! The loving and positive reactions, but also saying how it is, opened my eyes.
Both, the people around me, and certainly myself, seem to feel so much better now I look at things from another perspective! I can now say that I am a self-confident person who is very sure of what I want and is not afraid to show it. I am number 1 in MY life !!

Janna Van Dijk

Genesis, for our talk today … ‘you heal yourself …’ but with a little help, love and strength from others Enjoy the ‘good’ moments of the day and believe in your healing … your body is a natural being … listen to it strength and love to all of us! LIVE

Stephanie Hill-Manuel

My call with Genesis was amazing! It was so wonderful to have my fears and dreams validated. She was able to provide some helpful tips that I will be implementing for sure and I now feel empowered to make the changes I need to live the life I want. 

Jaimie-Lee Bradshaw

Thank you SO much for your knowledge on our call the other day! Really helped me with my mindset towards my business.

Biby Ajoeb

I completely lost it. And I needed insights to stand in my energy. I found it especially difficult to deal with the restrictions imposed in the corona period. Genesis showed me how to turn these thoughts and feelings around: something I needed and couldn’t realize myself. Also, her assignments gave me new insights that were still unknown to me.

I want to thank you, you were clear what I needed to take steps, thank you !!!

Christine Mast Kivett

She is very easy going and easy to work with. She helped me gain some more clarity and focus more on my goals. She helped me learn to shift my mindset and gave me some great tips & techniques I can use right away! I highly recommend her!


I liked that you could listen so well and immediately took action where necessary. We have achieved a great deal in the short time we had. You are helpful, you think along and I can tell you my story. I am happy to have had a positive experience with a counselor. I have a lot of reach in a short time. Something I could only have dreamed of. I feel honored and proud to have gotten to know you.


Genesis, you show a lot of effort, was very attentive and well focused in your profession. I was lucky that I was assigned to you and from the first moment you felt me ​​calmed down and that will come no problem. There was a good atmosphere between us and therefore we get along well.

You would have given me more certainty for the future and established a good basis for continuity. It is very important to me that I can handle and solve my problems myself and arrange this for me to do everything myself is a big step but your telephone conversations and conversations were very helpful what you did.


It’s great that we clicked right away that you were open to everything. Usually in my case, social workers look a little differently because it’s quite a lot that happened in my private life. Fortunately, you picked it up right away, and you were not surprised. Thank you for your understanding! I have no other things that I liked less. Good luck with everything.


What I thought of it .. I really liked that you guided me, especially because we immediately worked on something when I was concerned about something! And it was fun haha.
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