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The Phoenix Program.

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Discovery Call

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“The Phoenix program” consists of:

12 online or real life 1: 1 coaching sessions

During these sessions I will discuss with you the topics that are relevant to you to overcome your burnout. The topics of the sessions are chosen as a result of the intake interview, in which we discuss which issues have led you to a burnout for you.

Course material, assignments and exercises

During the entire burnout coaching program I will give you various exercises, assignments and knowledge. Think of guided meditations, relaxation exercises, exercises that teach you to monitor your boundaries, you will be given assignments that help you let go of your guilt and shame and there is so much more!

Digital support

To make sure you get the best support during your recovery, you have the option to contact me when you think you need it. On working days I will be ready for you via Trello, Voxer or whatsapp to give you the extra support beyond our 1: 1 sessions.