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The base from where we will work in this program is:

the trinity


This Trinity is inseparable. They need to be aligned, so that you can find yourself at your very best.

In my burnout coaching program, I have developed a unique methodology where body, mind, and soul are central. I call this THE TRINITY – Body, mind, and soul.
This Trinity is inseparable. They need to be aligned so that you can find yourself at your very best.

Your body

This is your temple. Your body shows you how you feel inside. So, when you feel that something doesn’t feel right in your body, it’s because your mind and soul trying to tell you that they are not aligned with each other. It’s like a reflection.

Your mind

Your mind is controlled by the law of attraction. What you wish for is what you will get in life. Your mind is a superpower that, when it vibrates at the right frequency, it can make you feel good and healthy. Controlling your mind helps you to become the person you want to be.

Your soul 

It is your secret and the purest part of your being. It’s the center and core of your existence. This is where your deepest desires lie. When you are ready to listen to those desires, magic happens.

Therefore, it is important to get the Trinity alignment, so you can become the person you truly desire to be. You become The Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

The Phoenix Program.

I believe burnout comes from a disharmony between the body, mind, and soul. That is why we focus on connecting you with your heart, rewiring your mindset and listening to your body. I believe that, when you change the way you think and feel, it will change the way you sense and handle various situations.

Therefore, to harmonize this Trinity I work through 3 stages.

The recovery stage

This is the stage where we go back to the basics and start from square one. We go deep to look at old patterns, limiting beliefs and anxiety.

The rebuilding stage

This is where we look at how to change those old patterns, limiting beliefs and anxiety into helpful patterns and positive beliefs. It is also the stage where we create space and start to slowly think about what you want in life.

The future stage

This is the stage where we go deep into what your soul wants. We will look to whatever makes you happy and what you want to do when you overcome your burnout.

Throughout this program, you will get lots of assignments, exercises, and material to work with to recreate yourself.

If you TRULY want set free from worry, anxiety, overwhelm and any other negativity ( and I know you truly want that), then take that ONE Step in acting against your fears, and jump on that Free Discovery Call with me! 

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